“I’m a man of simple tastes
…I’m always satisfied with the best”

Oscar Wilde


Born for excellence…
The “Amarena di Cantiano”, in a modern key…

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All our products are vacuum cooked, in order to allow water evaporation at low temperature, between 50 and 70 °C, thus avoiding excessive cooking and burns.

No oxygen during cooking also means that food is not subject to the oxidation process that would darken its color.
Fruits and vegetables keep their bright color, and the natural flavor of the product is enhanced, because the flavoring substances are well preserved.

Born for Excellence…

Corte Luceoli is a young and passionate Company, fond and respectful of the traditions that we propose in a modern key.
Our adventure starts from Cantiano, a small town in the heart of the Marche, in the province of Pesaro Urbino, always defined the homeland of Visciola “Prunus Cerasus”, a special and rare variety of wild cherry. Here at the beginning of the 20th century was born the famous “Amarena di Cantiano”.

The love for the area, the desire to revalue and to work this ancient fruit, preserving its quality and excellence has led us in 2015 to establish our Agricultural Company, a family run farm, where all products are handcrafted .


Our philosophy is to produce without the use of food additives, emulsifiers and artificial flavors, using only Fresh Fruit, coming from the and by our agricultural company, that in order to become autonomous and to obtain the organic certification in a short time, has created the largest plant in the town of Cantiano thanks to the planting of more than 3 hectares of Viscioleto .

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